This collection is inspired, created and dedicated to all those women who, at a certain point in their lives, need and want a change. The new styling will help them raise their confidence and self-esteem.

Its high specialization remarks the great versatility of the "undercuts".

We offer our customers the option to change their style everyday, as well as the possibility of combing their hairs differently each time… hence the name "GO WILD".

Through our daily work in the hair-salon, we show our customers the most commercial and accessible parts, in both haircuts and variety of colors, with warm, natural tones: golden, beige, brown, red… Basic colors which represent the earth.

"This concept and techniques are adaptable to both medium and long hair"


HAIR: ALBANA HAIR CLUB (Creative Director: Pablo Baixauli, Hair Stylist: Víctor Albalat, Hair assistant: Elisa Martínez)
PHOTO: Rafa Fierres
RETOUCH: Consu Zamora, Rafa Fierres
STYLING: Salvia Ferrer y Sarah Sanchís
MAKE UP: María Dolores Mayor
MODELS: Tatiana Sanz, Miriam Calvi, Ana Roda, Ayar Moral