Pablo Baixauli

A pair of scissors was one of Pablo’s first toys. His childhood took place in his family barbershop in Alcàsser (Valencia), placed in the same grounds as his home. There, his father Alberto, still active today, works day-to-day not only as a hairstylist, but also as a moderator in discussions about the town´s social life. In the past, barbershops were a perfect meeting place for social interaction.

It is here where Pablo and his three brothers not only inherited the family profession, but also everything around it: career and communication skills. Even though his first steps ran along his family business, he was soon called to search for new horizons. It was back in the 80’s: a decade of urban tribes, new aesthetic trends, a hunger for social change, and an overriding need to renew one´s look.

After getting experience in Spain during these times of change, he decided to go to London, a pioneer city in aesthetic trends. He stayed for 6 years and became part of one of the most prestigious hair salons in Europe: Toni & Guy.

On his return to Valencia, he joined the international team of Moser where he became the International Artistic Director in training courses throughout Europe and South America. He also collaborated with relevant professionals at world scale such as: Xpresion Creativos, Robert Lobetta, Richard Ashforth, Tim Hartley, Emiliano Vitale, Cliff C K, Simon Webster, Jesús Oliver, Josele Ventura, Antonio Valverde, Christian Vendrell, Paul Núñez, Laura Muñoz, Jose Boix, Alberto Baixauli, Jorge Baixauli, Andrés Artuñedo, ………all of whom did also serve as inspiration.

After all these goings and comings, and back in his hometown, Pablo established his own philosophy and opened a new salon in 2013.

This was the beginning of Albana Hair Club, a place which encompasses much more than just hairstyling. It is a space for artistic meetings, social center and trends.

The trendy salon in the historic center of Valencia allows you to enjoy from an art exhibition or a happening for a brand, to a DJ session, a Late Night event or the residency of international stylists who happen to pass through the city.

In this new concept, Pablo and his team apply everything they have learned from their beginnings till today: Tradition and Modernity. Two ideas which might seem opposing, but match to perfection. And as the button displays: the salon has got two armchairs which belonged to his father´s barbershop, the place where it all started.

Rocio Alonso Castillo

I have always considered myself a person willing to increase their knowledge both professionally and personally. That is why I dedicate myself to what I like and satisfy, while continuing to train and recycle myself in this field.

The arts, as for me hairdressing as well as music, another of my great passions that I have the pleasure of enjoying since I was very small, has in my life a fundamental part to which I dedicate a large part of my time. It is a way of transmitting and expressing, a different way of understanding and sharing, that which moves you and motivates you, as a result, something unique and personalized.

International influences, academic and professional experiences in other countries such as Italy or Poland have allowed me to immerse myself in other cultures and renew my knowledge while adapting those that have been acquired from each experience at the hands of great professionals of the sector to my daily work.

One of the most important factors for me is the connection with clients and trust, which is reflected services that are performed in the room. The essence of each one and the satisfaction of each client is found in the personalization and adaptation of a unique and exclusive service. A unique experience motivated by the capacity for innovation and comfort of the services we offer.

Daniel Vogt

“You are my inspiration”

“Not only because your hair, but also because your personality, your style and your way of life. With each new client that sits on my chair, I am inspired to create a unique look that will make them feel safe and secure.”

Daniel realized the transforming power of hairstyling as a child, while seeing his mother do laboriously her hair and makeup.

After starting his training in Wismar (Germany), he moved to Berlin to broaden his knowledge as a hairdresser for both men and women. Shortly after, he began to work at Jonnycut. During this time, he had the opportunity to refine and develop his hairstyling and makeup skills by working in photo sessions, creating the color for a television advert for NIVEA, and exploring the area of television and events such as the Teddy Awards (Berlinale). In 2006, he moved to Valencia (Spain). In addition to working with creative people, he was able to apply his knowledge by working as a hairstylist and make-up artist on the TV program AL BOX A MITXA NIT (Canal Nou), as well as other events. In February 2016, he became part of the Albana Hair Club team.

As David says: “I believe it is important to understand the texture of the customer´s hair, as well as their relationship with it, in order to help them achieve the same look when they do their hair at home. This is why I focus on the details, making sure the customers will see themselves exactly how they expected. I want them to leave the salon with a new attitude and a smile on their face.”